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"Every child seems to love rocks. It’s in our nature. Maybe it’s the fact that we are all stardust. And rocks, in a sense, are our brothers and sisters on a cosmic journey."

-Chris Collins


There has always been a fundamental connection between mankind and stone, from the great pyramids, to arrowheads, to the Jewelry that we wear. It’s no wonder that my attraction to stones has persisted since childhood. 


I have always had a desire to find beauty in the natural environment.  My life has been filled with careers and hobbies that allow me to express myself with my hands. Those careers have included music, photography, building stone patios and waterfalls, woodworking, and building homes complimented with stone features, and now, creating beautiful jewelry from natural stone. 


Being outdoors and discovering nature’s beauty is more than something that I just want to do. It’s something that I need in my life to feel complete. My father said I was born with sand in my shoes. He may have been right - sand and rocks. 


As I wander through the mountains, deserts, and along coastlines, I look for the stones with beautiful combinations of colors and designs. These selected pieces are brought back to my studio in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. The rocks are then worked and polished to bring out their natural beauty and luster. The finished gems are complimented with natural stone beads and silver accents to enhance and highlight their remarkable features. 


I hope you enjoy the connection that we have with jewelry that nature and I have created. 

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