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Who Are We


It's in your nature. One of a kind stone jewelry made from hand polished stones. Each stone is uncovered from the Earth during my own adventures through the Southwest USA, then polished in my studio to be shared with you. From Colorado, down to New Mexico, to Arizona, and the Pacific Coast, you can experience the adventure. It's in your nature.  


After the stones are collected from across the Southwest, I begin hand selecting the best parts of each stone. They are chiseled into smaller pieces. Those smaller pieces go into the rock tumblers for weeks until they emerge polished and perfect. Once the stones are polished to perfection, I begin to envision what they could become. I select the best stones to be the centerpiece for each necklaces, bracelet and earrings.

Each piece is hand crafted and hand strung, creating completely one-of-a-kind piece. No two pieces are alike. Each piece has a story and you can experience its unique adventure.


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